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Behavioral Counseling

dog clicker training

Dog behavioral concerns that we can address include:

Dog- and human-directed Aggression   

Storm Anxiety

Tail Chasing

Leash Pulling, House Training

Firework Anxiety, Noise Phobias

Food Aggression, Toy Aggression, Resource Guarding

Separation anxiety

Husbandry (grooming) Anxiety



Cat behaviors we can address:


Going outside the litter box





What to Expect:

First, schedule a preliminary consultation and  physical exam to rule out a medical issue contributing to your pet's behaviors. Sometimes, will be prescribed behavioral medication, which can take a few weeks for full effect. This visit will determine if your pet needs a behavior consultation appointment. 

A Behavior Consult is a one hour appointment that includes: a thorough history questionnaire to be filled out prior to the appointment, prioritizing and tailoring a custom treatment plan, and starting behavioral training therapies.

Treatments will vary on the pet's problems and needs but may include: prescription medications, alternative therapies such as pheromones or supplements, home life changes, behavioral counter conditioning and desensitization training, or non-veterinary training and trainer recommendations. 

We do accept referral. All referred clients are asked to continue regular sick and wellness veterinary visits with their pet's primary veterinarian. Depending on your pet's needs, behavioral follow up visits may be provided by Dr. Moriarty or by the primary veterinarian.


Dr. Moriarty's Credentials:

- D.V.M.

- Trained under a Veterinary Board-Certified Behavior Specialist

- Fear Free Level 3 Certified, 2019

- Experience with Karen Pryor clicker training, Puppy Start Right


* Dr. Moriarty is a licensed veterinarian with additional training in animal behavior medicine. She is NOT a veterinary behavior specialist boarded by AVSAB. If you would like specialist behavioral recommendations, please look on https://avsab.org