Ponder Vet Hospital

601 Shaffner St
Ponder, TX 76259



We provide comprehensive oral health assessments and treatments to our animal patients, which includes:

Thorough oral exam, assessing each tooth crown, the tongue, tonsils, hard and soft palates, and the lips and gums.

Full mouth dental radiographs, which allows evaluation of the tooth roots and associated jaw bones. Dental radiographs are absolutely necessary to ensure appropriate oral health because more than 60% of dental health issues are not detectable above the gum-line.

Tartar and plaque removal, crown scaling, and subgingival (under the gum-line) scaling. 

Every tooth is polished to ensure tooth enamel health and prevent tartar build up in the future.

Tooth extractions: Retained baby teeth cause crowding and health issues with the neighboring adult teeth and should be extracted before 1 year of age. Broken, wiggly, infected teeth are also a source of constant discomfort and are also extracted. Whenever possible, teeth are cleaned, treated, and preserved. However, significantly damaged teeth should be extracted to preserve the health of neighboring teeth and eliminate oral pain.

Oral surgery: Complicated tooth extractions involving the surgical dental drill and nearby bone are performed in our hospital. Jaw bone removal, hard and soft palate surgeries, surgery involving the lips and gums are also offered by our doctors.